S.K.H. Footprints Counselling

Telephone/Text: 07783 431938

Email: [email protected]

Susan Hamilton PgDip MBACP

Online Counselling 

There can be many reasons why it might suit better to speak to a counsellor online -

If you work shifts.

If you are caring for someone.

If you work away sometimes then it offers continuity in the process and can be arranged around work patterns.

If you are confined to home due to mobility or health issues.


Through using Zoom it is possible to access support that is very like a normal face to face session. We will still be able to see each other and your confidentiality will be maintained. Sessions would run as normal and you will know that I am there listening to you and responding in the moment exactly as if we were in the same room. You will need to ensure that you have time set aside for the session and that you won’t be overheard or disturbed so that your sessions can be as effective as if you and I were in the same room.

Sessions last 1 hour and the fee is £40 . Payment is made in advance to guarantee the session through BACS bank transfer.

Contracting and Confidentiality 

All our work will be bound by the same professional standards as face to face counselling. If you are interested in online counselling please contact me and we will agree a time to talk about how it works and whether it might be a suitable option for you.